Rose Quartz Stone


💓 Unconditional love - Self-love - Caring - Friendship - Romantic love - Platonic love

Rose Quartz is well known as "A crystal for unconditional love".  Rose quartz is used today as a love stone connecting strongly to the heart chakra. It carries very soft feminine energy bringing compassion, peace, tenderness, caring, and kindness. It brings a divine and loving energy and has actually been used as a token of love since 600 BC, it's still used as a talisman for relationships and intimacy and it supports connections and bonds with family, friends, and unity. It's the universal love crystal we use it to attract love into our lives and most importantly self-love & self-care, we use it to strengthen existing relationships to open our hearts so Rose quartz is a perfect crystal for friends and family especially when it's a long-term relationship.


Rose quartz associations:

  • Chakras - Heart
  • Planet - Venus
  • Elements - Earth & Water
  • Typical colors - Rose pink


  • Natural quartz from Madagascar & Brazil
  • Stainless steel base


  • The crystal and base must be cleaned by-hand.