Amethyst Stone

💜 Increases nobility - Spiritual protection - Purification of body, mind & soul - Positive transformation

Amethyst is the birthstone of February, Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word and "ametusthos" which means not intoxicated. It has always been thought to prevent intoxication and overindulgence. Spiritual protection and purification are two major benefits amethyst can provide. It can help one give up bad habits and stop overindulging. It is a good crystal water bottle to carry when trying to quit smoking drinking or other addictions, it works by clearing the energy field of negative attachments and influences then it creates a shield of spiritual light around the body. It also helps clear one's mind and elevates into the upper levels of consciousness.


Amethyst associations:

  • Chakras - Crown & third eye
  • Planet - Jupiter
  • Elements - Air & water
  • Typical colors - Violet to a deep grape purple


  • Natural quartz from Madagascar & Brazil
  • Stainless steel base


  • The crystal and base must be cleaned by-hand.